Artist Highlight: Chris Galaska of Pride Through Strife

In the excitement leading up to our show this Friday at Yucca Taproom in Tempe, this week we're doing two artist features, starting with drummer Chris Galaska of Pride Through Strife. PTS has been around since 2010 and has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dirty Heads, Badfish and Fortunate Youth. Aside from being incredible musicians, we've known these guys personally for years and are some of the best humans you could have the pleasure of meeting. The band's website paints a perfect picture for what the band stands for: "Respecting your struggles and allowing yourself the reward of feeling prideful after making it through a tough life situation. From failing relationships to revolutionary political tones and everything in between; PTS is dedicated to supplying positive messages through music.

We got ahold of Chris to ask him about his unique position in the band.

Being that all 4 members are either brothers, or childhood friends, what are some of the unique aspects of being in a band with people you are so close to? What are some things you guys have had to overcome?

"I've know these guys for 20 years. There is not much we don't know about each other, as the outsider looking in so-to-speak. Josh, Gabe and Aaron have a unique chemistry that is 100% natural; it is a rarity that is intangible, it cannot be bought or attained, you couldn't even acquire it through hard work or practice. It is something that is bestowed upon you; how you use it is a decision left to whom is in fact bestowed. I'm blessed to know these boys and have been able to insert myself in that chemistry as a binding agent. My roll on the drums is not only literal, it is symbolic. We've been told that I am the perfect drummer for them, which makes perfect sense. Sure there are better drummers who could play the songs better or differently, but none could read these guys like I do. Although no matter how hard I try, I could never get 100% on their wavelength and I understand that better than anybody. I always joke that I cannot speak triplet but I can read it - that is how I bind us together by guiding and keeping the conversation on stage together.

"We live our band name every day and it is a movement that is greater than ourselves. I say this because it is hard to pinpoint the reason why we were drawn together in the first place and why we have devoted ourselves to a message that ultimately is one of unity and respect for your fellow human. I quote our song "Stay Up". "We are weak, but together we are strong". Ironically that "intangible something" that makes us great also can be a pitfall. If even one of us get out of line there are 3 others who are not afraid to put that person back in their place; Nothing goes unchecked. Just as brothers often do. It can be taxing at times but enevitably leads us to become stronger and closer as the years go on. This strength will lead to our realization of our vision, band, and brand."

Check out Pride Through Strife on Facebook and Instagram for updates on shows and new music. We've posted their profile on Spotify below as well.

For our readers in Arizona, catch the band live at Yucca Taproom this Friday, April 20th. They will be joined by Good Rust and Surf AVE. You can get tickets HERE.

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